The Diary of Jack the Ripper – Book

The pages of The Diary of Jack the Ripper reveal the unimaginable–that more than a century ago, the legendary serial killer at work in London’s Whitechapel kept a record of his bestial mutilations of women.

The writer of the horrific journal is James Maybrick, a depraved, drug-taking, womanizing, 49-year-old Liverpool cotton merchant with a history of domestic violence.

In this analysis of his diary, investigative author Shirley Harrison explains all about the origins of the text and the rigorous scientific analysis it has endured while revealing startling new information about Maybrick’s shadowy background.

This evidence, along with a chilling confession scratched into a watch–“I am Jack. J Maybrick,” provide powerful justification that Maybrick was Jack the Ripper.

The diary itself is reproduced in full, so that readers can judge whether these are the deeply distributing words of Jack the Ripper himself, reaching out from across the abyss of more than a century.


Mary Kelly Crime Scene Photo - Jack the Ripper at RottingInPeace
Mary Kelly Crime Scene Photo – Jack the Ripper at RottingInPeace



Is this the real “Jack – The Ripper” diary?

There are some facts about the crimes wich make me doubt a bit….for example : the author tells us how Jack placed parts of the victims body all over Mary Kelly´s room….when the reality according to police documents, the body parts were next to her (in the bed) and her breasts were beneath the victims body and not in the side table as the author claims…

Nonetheless, I liked the fact that, you can actually see the original diary with the hand writting from Jack…pretty good ideea…if it´s real ofcourse.

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