Gears on Acid – Inside Sarah´s Wonderland

Who is Sarah Dolezal or “Gears on Acid” ?

Sarah is just girl curious girl everything. She have a compulsion to love deeply and find meaning in everything. This is what she feels is most reflected in her work. She works in many mediums including found-object builds, drawings, paintings, photography, and writing.


Gears on Acid Artwork @


She is also a compulsive gatherer of things forgotten or left behind. She has stashes everywhere in her house. Her favorite and most prominent work is in my found-object creations.

She just don’t want anything to have to spend eternity forgotten. She have been a wanderer. On her wanders she have found everything from rusty nuts and bolts to skeletal remains of long dead animals. When she look through windows they are usually into decaying old buildings that have been shot down for years.

Watch parts and broken junk, lost earrings and random motor parts… Sarah will take it all and turn it into new things that are hard not to love.


Gears on Acid Artwork @


To be able to classify Sarah’s artwork into a particular genre would be almost imposible. She goes from steampunk, Victorian, vintage, to taxidermy, oddity, even goth.

Brilliantly hand crafted with found objects, Sarah’s works transcend any categorizations. Upon viewing her works, It isn’t difficult to ascertain that limitations and bounds are not part of Sarah’s artistic process, or vocabulary for that matter.

There is something stirring about her creations and perhaps it is their riveting peculiarity. The atypical manner Sarah combines classically beautiful vintage elements with what can be described as odd, bizarre, or grotesque forms results in a scintillating merging of tradition and innovation. There is nothing conventional or trite about Gears on Acid. An artist like Sarah doesn’t tell us through her works to think outside of the box. Instead, her creations question if boxes even exist to begin with.



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