The name to remember is : Agustin Lobos. A visual artist based out of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Never had formal training in the arts and as per his description, he has been a self taught artist since the age of 4.

He does not label, nor will ever label his work because he believe that it is bullshit to do so.

He does whatever the fuck he wants and feel on a canvas, without no particular reason/order. “Everything goes” kinda of style.


MY PALACE OF ROTTING FLESH - Agustin Lobos @ RottingInPeace


On his own words :


I’m not a steriotypical artist that will try to impress the masses and prostitute soulless work. My sole purpose in life is to create and hopefully inspire others to express themselves through the arts.

Visual arts to me goes beyond the flesh, and words. It’s such a beautiful sacred thing that allows someone to create an intimate space with themselves and others. It creates movement and life.

Through my work I embrace the elagence of dark subject matter and subject matter with life and beauty. I traiverse the land scapes of love, joy, beauty, death, life, agression, hate, and anger. Throught my art work I can heal and grow as a human being.

If you enjoy my work then I send you my appreciation and gratitude but, if my work offends you im not going to appoligize or modify my work to apease you.

My work embraces the lamb and the beast, the male and the female, the darkness and the light, the insanity and the sanity, life and death, and all the love and all the hate. It’s a projection of my innerself and the influence of things in my life. I hope you enjoy my work and gain inspiration from it.


FROM OUR POINT OF VIEW, we really liked his work….it´s insane how many emotions can be trigged with his work.



Website : Agustin Lobos

Shop : Dark Art by Agustin Lobos

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