Azagatel – Folk Metal from Portugal

Azagatel is a Pagan Black metal / Dark folk band from Lusitania.

The songs represent the Iberian ancestral life, their wars against Rome, the worship of the gods, the megaliths and the intrinsic pagan nature of this people.


Azagatel - Folk Metal from Portugal @rottinginpeace
Azagatel – Folk Metal from Portugal @rottinginpeace


The stones, the sun, the land and the sea…
The oak, the yew, the wild boar, and the howling wolves….
The honor, the glory and the courage…
The evocation of ancestral roots


Band formed in October 1995 with the intention of making extreme music. Azagatel recorded the first demo “The Middle Earth” in 1999 and many concerts followed. In 2002 they recorded the first LP “Nautilus” which was very well received, in this case RottingInPeace has this album engraved deep in memories, because we saw it beeing born. We trully recommend listening to “Atlantis Descedent“.

After 2003 and until 2011 Azagatel had a lot of line-up changes that caused them enough delays, stress and problems. Azagatel practically did not play live and in almost a decade they only recorded “Horned God” and “Olokun”, both in secondary conditions.



In 2011, with only 2 or 3 members, the band started composing songs for what was our second full-length “Lux-Citanea” which came out in 2012 and once again the lineup changes. In 2015, with only 2 acoustic guitars and voice, they began to compose the Ep “Sol”, which was released in May 2018.



YouTube : Azagatel

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Bandcamp : Azagatel

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