Salduie - Gineta Rock Fest

Salduie – Gineta Rock Fest

12 de June de 2021
Salduie - Gineta Rock Fest



From the lands of the ancient sedetans, Salduie combine History and traditional instruments with all the forcefulness of modern metal with melodeath and djent influences. Musically, Salduie incorporates traditional wind and string instruments such as flutes, bagpipes, bouzouki, violin, mandolin or banjo to which lyrical and guttural voices are added. This, added to the base formed by seven-string guitars, bass and drums, gives rise to a powerful and epic sound, but also melodic. Salduie’s works are characterized by being based on exhaustive research on the history, customs and mythology of the Iberian and Celtiberian peoples, giving each of his albums a depth that allows you to enjoy while learning.


Salduie - RottingInPeace


The recent collaboration of experts in the field of the university field, such as Alex Manchón, has further promoted this firm commitment to History through music. Currently Salduie has three works: Imbolc (2014), Belos (2016) and Viros Veramos (2019). He also highlights the participation in the album “Stay OZ !!” of Mägo de Oz, in which the band participated invited by Txus di Fellatio with their interpretation of “The Dreamcatcher”, along with bands of the caliber of Saurom, Avalanch or Saratoga. All his albums have been produced at Theocide Studios by Lucas Toledo. On stage, Salduie bets on an imposing staging in which the dynamism provided by the numerous performers on stage presents a show in which the public is a participant. After several tours throughout the peninsular territory and numerous performances in celebrations of a historical nature, Salduie is currently finishing the presentation tour of his latest work, while preparing several special concerts with an extensive repertoire on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the band.


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