Trap Nation: 2021 Best Trap Music

Trap Nation: 2021 Best Trap Music


Trap Nation was founded in September 2012 by Andre Willem Benz when he was 15 years old. Along with Trap Nation, Benz expanded into the creation of other channels, the first of which, Chill Nation, was founded in February 2014. Since then, the channels have been managed by other curators, employed by The Nations, a company spanning all canals and Lowly Palace. As of April 2020, Benz still runs the Trap Nation channel alongside another curator named Jean.


Trap Nation: 2021 Best Trap Music


At the end of 2016, Trap Nation was listed in the top ten fastest growing YouTube channels by Tubefilter, receiving an average of 70 million new works a week.

Lowly Palace
In September 2016, Trap Nation’s independent record label Lowly Palace was founded.6 In less than a year, the channel has amassed nearly 500,000 subscribers.

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