Agonoize is a German industrial music group formed by Mike Johnson (composition, programming, production and mastering), Oliver Senger (composition and programming) and Chris L (lyrics and vocals).

Although at the beginning the group was only composed of two members, Johnson and Senger, they soon realized that they needed a vocalist to improve their music. It was then that Chris L. came to the group, thus becoming a trio.

His musical style is not too difficult to classify, it can be said that it is within the concept of electrodark and more powerful EBM. A mixture of vocal rage, darkness, magnificent melodies, danceable rhythms, industrial sounds and electronic forcefulness are the main characters of the formation. They achieve without any problem, a magnificent fusion of all these elements creating a very characteristic and personal sound that differentiates them from many others in their branch, allowing them to perfectly capture from the first listen who their creators are.



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