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Black Metal

Belphegor is an Austrian blackened death metal band formed in the city of Salzburg, in Austria. Its name is due to the demon Belphegor (originally Baal-worst). The band was formed in 1993.



Anti-religious with nihilistic tendencies as well as provocative topics, BELPHEGOR moved on. The debut album »The Last Supper« [1995] let the community of followers and opponents grow. Inexorably, the band pushes their destructive ways forward in the following years. BELPHEGOR become louder, more obsessed and more dynamic, and their albums now have cult status. To think about the scene doesn’t work without thinking of BELPHEGOR. In 2008, the band sent their followers to the edge of hell with »Bondage Goat Zombie« and sparked an all-consuming Death Metal fire with blasting black metal influences. This masterpiece, inspired by the Marquis de Sade, is one of the most demanding works the genre has offered to this day.



BELPHEGOR showed themselves equally brutal and baleful on the successors »WALPURGIS RITES – HEXENWAHN« [2009] and »BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE« [2011]. The band received a lot of great feedback for their intense live performances as well, and reached out to a big and loyal fan base. Their obscure rituals full of diabolical magick have haunted the world several times – next to extensive tours through Asia and Europe, BELPHEGOR have also completed ten tours through North America. No matter where BELPHEGOR march forth on this planet, be it on your stereo or live on stage, one thing is for sure: after the crest of their devilish death ceremony, there will only be a heap of ruins remaining!



Discography :

  • The Last Supper – 1995
  • Blutsabbath – 1997
  • Necrodaemon Terrorsathan – 2000
  • Lucifer Incestus – 2003
  • Goatreich – Fleshcult – 2005
  • Pestapokalypse VI – 2006
  • Bondage Goat Zombie – 2008
  • Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn – 2009
  • Blood Magick Necromance – 2011
  • Conjuring the Dead – 2014
  • Totenritual – 2017


Due to the violent, explicit and offensive kind of videos…YOUTUBE blocks the official Belphegor Videos…. Just sign in in your Youtube account and search Belphegor



*Belphegor is one of my favourite bands…i will not add all the tracks i want/like because it´s just insane how many awesome tracks they have in 11 albums. I TRULLY RECOMMEND YOU TO BUY ALL ALBUMS. It´s more than worth!!!

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