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Death Metal

“Exhaust” is Infraktor’s debut album, to be released by Rastilho Records in March, and it ends a musical hiatus that all members had been taking. Therefor, it is a catalyst in form of a record, where one can feel all that thrash/death metal energy they’ve been piling up, and it’s aggressive, intense and overwhelming. The lyrical themes pass on a message of strength, attitude and assertion, uttered by the massive voice of singer Hugo Silva and backed up by crafty riffs.

This album begins taking shape in 2013, as soon as Infraktor are born by the hands of Hugo and guitarist Carlos Almeida, and it’s then nourished by several musicians the band featured until the current line-up solidified. “It took us a few rounds until we managed to gather the right musicians, in sync with the same musical approach… But we’ve made it and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Making ‘Exhaust’ was a troubled process, intense and defying at the same time, which we’re very proud of”, says Carlos.


Infraktor Portuguese Band


The album was recorded between Ultrasound Studios Braga and Demigod Recordings, the producing, mixing and mastering taking place in the latter by producer Miguel Tereso who claims: “Infraktor have a crystal clear vision of what they want and this record is the result of their demand of and dedication to the music they play, both live and in the studio”.

Inspired by the big classics of the genre and supported by a maturity built up on experience, “Exhaust” is a violent album which, however, values its refinement, offering a handful of details throughout the structure of each track. And in order to illustrate such commitment and vigor, the artwork was made by German Hauke Vagt (Atelier 49) who’s created a “fire demon” in the shape of a pyroclastic flow. The album also features Revolution Within-Rui “Raça” Alves in the song “Ferocious Intent”, the debut single whose title lives up to the band’s motto – although Infraktor have been proving they’ve got much more than just intentions.



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