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Black Metal

Moonspell is a Black / Gothic / Folk Metal band from the city of Brandoa, in Portugal, led by Fernando Ribeiro.

The firsts years
The group was created in 1989 under the name Morbid God and released the demo “Serpent Angel” during 1992. The band obtained a contract with the French record company Adipocere for their single “Wolves From The Fog / Goat on Fire” and the demo ” Anno Satanæ “; it was introduced in the European markets.


Morbid God / Moonspell@RottingInPeace.com


Gothic metal period
After quickly becoming the leading Portuguese metal band, the group quickly accepted an offer from German company Century Media. The Wolfheart album got very favorable reviews, especially for its lyrics; which were old poems that Fernando Ribeiro wrote between the ages of 14 and 16, under the pseudonym of Langsuyar Tenebrarum Rex.

Moonspell toured Europe in 1995 as the opening act for Tiamat and Morbid Angel, before returning to the studio for the recording of their second album, “Irreligious.” The album’s promotion embarked them on two other tours in which their status quickly grew from being a guest with Samael to a higher profile with Type O Negative.


Moonspell`s Wolfherat Album @RottingInPeace.com


The year 1997 would see the publication of “2econd Skin” before the return of the group in 1998 with their new work, “Sin / Pecado”. The album showed a much more gothrock style than the previous ones. In recognition of the services rendered to their country, the band had to stop their tour for a formal reception at the Portuguese embassy in Santiago. Moonspell continued to open for big bands like Kiss and Manowar. In early 2000 they toured Germany supporting the already classics Kreator and Katatonia.

His album “Darkness and Hope”, released in 2001, reached number 79 on the German sales chart. The band covered Ozzy Osbourne’s classics “Mr. Crowley” and Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” for the special editions of “Darkness and Hope.” Later they began a tour of the United States as headliners, supported by Lacuna Coil, on December 5 at the Trocadero Venue in Philadelphia.


Darkness and Hope - Moonspell @RottingInPeace.com


At the beginning of 2003 they made a version of the jazz classic “I’ll see you in my dreams” to include it in the soundtrack of the homonymous Portuguese horror film. In March Moonspell announced the departure of bassist Sergio Crestana, hiring Niclas Etelävuori from Amorphis to record “The Antidote”. Aires Pereira, a member of Malevolence, took up the bass position in June. The single “Everything Invaded” entered the Portuguese chart at number 9. Moonspell embarked on a North American tour in November with Type O Negative and Cradle of Filth. In December they went on another tour of Europe as co-headliners with Lacuna Coil, Passenger and Poisonblack. The band returned to the road early the following year opening for Opeth on their “Lamentations over America tour 2004”, beginning in Edmonton, Canada on January 20.

In April they returned to the studio to begin recording their new album, after reserving dates in May to play in Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Reliving his black metal side
After years of work, Moonspell decides to record the album Memorial, but this time with the SPV / Steamhammer record company, since the contract with Century Media had ended. The year 2006 was one of the great years for Moonspell, they won the European MTV Award for “Best Portuguese Band”, and the album was a success, thanks to the singles Finisterra and Luna. They re-released it 2 times, including bonus tracks titled “Atlantic” and “Phantom North” respectively.


Finisterra - Moonspell @RottingInPeace.com


In 2007 Century Media decided to release a Moonspell compilation album, titled The Great Silver Eye and a DVD called Lusitanian Metal, while Moonspell was recording their album Under Satanæ, which aimed to revive the band’s first demos and EPs.

Present (2008-2018)
On May 19, 2008 they released the album, entitled Night Eternal. On this album the song “Scorpion Flower” is present, with the participation of the ex-vocalist of The Gathering and currently of Agua de Annique, Anneke van Giersbergen.

On April 27, 2012 the album titled Alpha Noir / Omega White was released, the first through the Austrian label Napalm Records. This album divided into two explores with Alpha Noir a more aggressive first facet, but with nuances that had already been perceived since Memorial with songs like Memento Mori. Omega White, on the other hand, gives us a more melodic atmosphere with a very marked influence of sounds such as Type or negative.


Alpha Noir/Omega White - Moonspell @RottingInPeace


On March 6, 2015 they released the album Extinct with the Napalm Records label, this album takes us through new sounds explored by the band and with notes of Death Metal and Symphonic Metal. In this album, the intention to make a concept album begins to be perceived, trying to bring the concept of extinction to music. As is tradition since Night Eternal, the album cover image is in charge of Seth Siro Anton.

Moonspell prepared the presentation of his new album 1755 with a series of concerts in Portugal: on October 30 and 31, 2017 in Lisbon and on November 1 in Porto. The scheduled date for the release was November 3. This production is completely in Portuguese and tells us about the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755, it is then his first production declared conceptual.


1755 - Moonspell @RottingInPeace


The band’s latest release is an album called Lisboa under the spell and was released on August 17, 2018. It contains the Wolfheart, Irreligious and Extinct albums in audio, DVD and Blu-Ray versions performed live.


Discography :

  • (1994) Under The Moonspell
  • (1995) Wolfheart
  • (1996) Irreligious
  • (1998) Sin/Pecado
  • (1999) The Butterfly Effect
  • (2001) Darkness and Hope
  • (2003) The Antidote
  • (2006) Memorial
  • (2007) The Great Silver Eye
  • (2007) Under satanae
  • (2008) Night Eternal
  • (2008) Lusitanian Metal
  • (2012) Alpha Noir/Omega White
  • (2012) Anno Satanae
  • (2015) Extinct
  • (2017) 1755
  • (2018) Lisboa Under the Spell
  • (2018) I´ll see you in my Dreams
  • (2019) Scorpion Flower EP


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