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Nargaroth is an East German black metal band from Saxony, created in 1997. The only member is René Wagner “Kanwulf”, who however has recently renounced this name. His associates generally call him Ash, a nickname he obtained from his friends and family in the mid-1990s because of his interest in the Evil Dead series (1981, 1987, 1993) and its main protagonist. Kanwulf is himself largely responsible for his music and lyrics, but is assisted by guest musicians.

Among them have been for example: Charoon, whom he met in 1992 and who has played live for Nargaroth between 1998-2008 and also contributed rhythm guitar on the Herbsleyd album and the material on Rasluka. Akhenaten from the Judas Iscariot band, Occulta Mors from Moonblood as well as L’hiver from Winterblut.



The pseudonym “Kanwulf” comes from a French book with old Scandinavian names, and the name of the band comes from the prefix Narg due to the strong bond of Kanwulf’s nature and to complete the name the roth of one of the favorite bands was added. on the principles of Kanwulf Gorgoroth, thus giving the end result.


In 1993 Kanwulf met R.S. and together with his close friend Charoon and Ankert on guitars they formed a band called Exhuminenz where they played a mix between death metal and black metal, they managed to record three songs by December 1994, however the band did not have major achievements and the band became disbanded following Kanwulf’s military conscription and RS’s mental breakdowns and subsequent death in 1995.
In 1997 Kanwulf along with Charoon and Darken whom he met in 1996 in a military training camp, formed Nargaroth and went on to form the Herbsleyd album. Together with Falkenbach’s Vratyas Vakyas the first album Herbsleyd (Autumn Suffering) was recorded, released in December 1998 by No Colors Records. Following this in 2000 came two more releases: Amarok, which is not a new album but contains older recordings, such as Burzum’s Black Spell of Destruction version and Herbsleyd’s promotional version. Then the Fuck Off Nowdays Black Metal demo.



In 2001 the album Black Metal ist Krieg – A Dedication Monument (Black metal is War – A Dedication Monument) is published, which is the best known work and should be considered as some kind of tribute to black metal. It contains covers of unknown bands as well as songs that deal with relevant events in the history of black metal or personal appreciations to deceased musicians of this scene.
A year later a new album with the title Geliebte des Regens (The Lovers of the Rain) is released and in 2004 the album Prosatanica Shotting Angels (Prosatanica Killing Angeles) is released, which had been thought as a separate project from Kanwulf. However, it disassociated itself from implementing the name of the same to a separate project, so it appeared under the name of Nargaroth.
In 2007 the album Semper Fidelis (Always faithful) is published with the help of Occulta Mors and L’hiver.

In 2010 the album Jahreszeiten is published, an album that revolves around the four phases of human love compared to the four seasons of the year.

  • Orke (demo, 1998)
  • Herbstleyd (demo, 1998)
  • Herbstleyd (1998)
  • Amarok (2000)
  • Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal (demo, 2000)
  • Black Metal ist Krieg (2001)
  • Rasluka Part II (2002)
  • Geliebte des Regens (2003)
  • Crushing Some Belgian Scum (live, 2004)
  • Rasluka Part I (2004)
  • Prosatanica Shooting Angels (2004)
  • Semper Fidelis (2007)
  • Semper Fidelis Boxset (2007)
  • Jahreszeiten (2009)
  • Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare (2011)
  • Black Metal Manda, Hijos de Puta (live, 2012)
  • Era of Threnody (2017)
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