Ricardo aka RIP aka RottingInPeace

Ricardo aka RIP

Ricardo aka RIP aka RottingInPeace is a regular guy with a twisted mind?…

Back when I was growing up in the 80`s or 90`s, you could easily describe me as a “Metalhead”….some time later i was in the “Goth/Vampire” section too (good old labels?)

This was way before the days of Reddit, Hot Topic, file sharing, GOOGLE or even the good old internet. Neither my style nor the music i listened was well accepted in my old town or even country. We were a “Limited Edition” kind of people so to say.

While the world was living the “Golden Age of Disco” kinda music and culture, we were worshiping the “Gods of Metal” in some underground places…by underground i really mean someone´s house or some unknown, unaccesible pub….outside…somewhere….lost….

Good old places like “Biju” or “Paranoias” were our hangout places….and worth their weight in Gold.  – WHERE DID YOU BOUGHT THAT? AT “CAVEIRINHA”!!!!!! Good old times…. (…#And the ocean is here within me, Flows on like a never-ending tear).

I saw, lived, tasted, in the first row, at “LIFE´S  VIP” section…………., my friends and people i cared as fuck beeing ripped of their lifes at young age….17, 19, 23`s (Pedro, Bruno, Pernas….)…..even “SHE” left us….Marisa! (We shall rise once again)!

While Rock and Heavy Metal or even Gothic culture/music was “more” accessible than Hardcore, Punk, Thrash, Death, and most extrem kind of Metal music, for example, it still wasn’t part of the mainstream, therefore….we were “drug addicteds” in our old town….just because of our looks and ideologies…tight jeans, military boots, savage t-shirts….. THE ANTI-CHRIST HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!

Now we are in (as of this posting) 2021, and alot has changed. More hardcore or extreme music and it’s related overall subcultures have been adopted by the masses. Despite the influence of those more hardcore sounds continue to have on current culture, along the way the roots have been lost. Sadly….?


Ricardo aka RIP aka RottingInPeace


Hence, why I’m doing this blog.

After i “lost” my prescious RottingInPeace.com because it was taken from me by the gouvernement for 10 years (yes, it was older than VampireFreaks, VampireRave, Facebook, Instagrams or whatever) , I grew out and started Underground-World (sold), Underground-Culture (sold), and some others projects, including the blasphemous Sharemafia.com (banned). 2021 i finally recovered RottingInPeace.com. FINALLY!!!!!

Soon my attention went into lots of different directions in all aspects in life. Personally I listen to many different types of music, from Extreme Metal to Trap Music. I joke with everything, from Religion to Politics. Somewhere along the way, I found myself saying


“Fuck it.”


Now that I just committed some good old fashion blasphemy on my part, allow me to state this. This is really an opinionated blog of sorts. Not expecting everyone to agree with me, not even one percent.

To wrap shit up, i don´t care if you disagree, if you hate me for joking with your religion, or whatever…just go get a life outside this blog.

As a twisted minded prick, i can go from melancolic sadness to hyperactive techno hardcore banger….in 2 seconds. I can go from talking about Sinned O´Connor to the sword of King Arthur with no relation whatsoever….it´s my show.


Ricardo aka RIP aka RottingInPeace


Thank you, but now grab a beer or wine, sit down, relax and enjoy the inside of my head…


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